In-house personalization with inatura.Your brand on our products

We were regularly asked the question: Can our logo be printed on the products?

Well, with some pride we can now say: "Yes, and ... much more"

A new tool, a new machine.

Branding, personalizing, drawing and writing on our own products and on so much more ... An original gift for him or her? Mother's Day gift? A promotional gift, a business gift or a Christmas gift for your own staff? Not bad as a gift idea, right?


Your name on our products

With advanced laser technology we can apply line drawings, logos, text and even photos to most of our products. With a laser we engrave your logo, message or name flawlessly on our cushions and hugs and ... on much more too.


Cotton, wood, porcelain, glass ...

We can also personalize other carriers and materials for you. Engraving glass, engraving or cutting wood, leather engraving, personalizing of beer cards, boards or porcelain. The laser burns directly into the top layer of the material without making contact and thus damaging it. A personalized glass for your visitors or a beermats with your client's logo, ... the possibilities are endless.


inatura opts for sustainability and ecology

Laser engraving differs from printing on so many levels. It is not only original but also very accurate, contactless, immune for ‘wear and tear’ (even after the umpteenth wash) and free from chemicals, solvents and inks. So environmentally friendly and safe too! And that fits in our stall.


Also for you !

Feel free to ask for more information or a price estimate for your idea or creation. You can come to us for engraving on plexi, glass, metal, wood, leather, paper, cardboard, plastic and natural cotton and fleece. And that on our, your or purchased products. For more information or questions, you can send an email to